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Our versatile range of services include functionality and aesthetic design (UI / UX).
Solution crafted outcomes. Developed, created and built beautifully

Creating the dream

Morphing ideas into plans

We construct the perfect web platform using your dreams and ideas, helping you get clear on the words, images and message you want to deliver, and to who exactly that audience is. These factors known early on determine the trajectory of technology excellence.

Turing plans into form

Wordpress gets built and hosted and live for the world to see. Next the artwork graphics gets selected, prepared for web, content is wordsmith'd into delivering the message, fonts and colours blended, keywords embedded. Behind the scenes an arsenal of languages like PHP, HTML5 and CSS tweak the perfect look into form

Professional Responsive Presence

Guiding the selection of the ideal responsive wordpress professional template, e-commerce ready, we then guide you through this process, translating Ideas into technological functional solutions.

Multimedia - the shine

Mastery of graphical editing, creation of all forms and types of multimedia formats from video creations to audio refinement.


Optimization of Web Infrastructure


Setting a clear VISION for your site. Mentoring into getting clear about business objectives, niche audiences, competitive analysis, social media setup and feed linkage, MAILCHIMP campaign setup and management

Professional Services

Current website auditing, deep inspection and testing then altering settings for performance, security, redundancy, hosting optimization, c-panel advanced backend configuration tweaking

SEO - internet findability

Search Engine Optimization - Google Analytics and performance mapping with active business intelligence. Designed to Track site SEO. This includes organic search and PPC Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaign design and directed management thereof.

Staying connected - Email / DNS

Email governance and management of the webmail structure. We design and manage new user setups, site hosting activities like DNS redirects and redirections of MX records to alternate Mail Servers, Google Mail for example.

Migration from Joomla

The process of Extracting and Converting from Joomla to WordPress is available.
We backup existing site content, export and rebuild in latest secured backed-up optimised WordPress CMS out there.

Security Services


It's always a far better solution to 'prevent' a site being infected or access violated with consequences than to clean after compromised. We armour up first, setup detailed reporting, and remote monitoring with alerts

Monitoring and alerts

Multi-site high availability & resource monitoring/escalation - Various levels are tracked and measured, web speed, disk space, other user defined cron jobs, backups with reporting

Backup Services

Peace of mind - Backups

Management of backup schedules and offsite iterations requires attention. We write linux shell scripts specific to your environment with multi reporting and alert triggering to ensure constant site redundancy.

Tracking changes - Code Repositories

Version control - we implement several leading edge ``code repositories`` tracking and managing code iterations.

Virtualize your site

VMware virtualization can allow you to run a backed-up version locally at your office or pc. Ghosting of these environments or snapshots can be invaluable at the right time to maintain business continuity.

Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery - take a breath

Recovery from previous site version after being hacked or infected with a sitewide virus can feel devastating. Take a breath. This is what we do. We assess what we have available in terms of the context, and restore iterations to restore site functionality and online presence, securely, safely.

Bug resolutions - finding and fixing

Intervention on an existing CMS site, requiring expertise to identify and resolve anomolies or ``bugs``. This enquiry can include such things as linux, mysql database, wordpress, joomla, hosting configurations, DNS pointing challenges etc etc

R500.00 Add to cart

All of the above services are charged at standard rate of R500 p/h


Skills Development and Training

Join us as we embark on a journey of creatively and functionally Designing, building, word-smithing, SEO’ing your own online presence.

Jump start, tweak or enhance your personal or business website into a usable and measurable channel.

WordPress lessons and fundamentals, website recommendations and solution crafting as well as custom coding and a whole lot more.

Experiential Training

We encourage Skills Development through hands-on experiential training.

Sessions are conducted either in person or via remote technology like skype and teamviewer.

The outcome will include and produce the following;

Plan – clear and defined image of what you really want
Actions – recommendations on what’s needed to proceed
Lessons – wordpress training in a multitude of categories


This INFO-GRAPHIC illustrates the PROCESS

R500.00 Add to cart

WordPress lessons – per hour standard rate

Intervention STARTER package

R1,000.00 Add to cart

This package is conducted online via remote session
and time duration is 2 hours.

Add on hours available

Intervention Starter Package

This is the Intervention Package that gets you back up and going

Security Auditing and Armoring

Our experience proves that it's a far better solution to 'prevent' your site from being infected, rather than have to deal with the consequences of attempting to cleanse after it's compromised. We armour up first, setup detailed reporting and remote monitoring with alerts.

Extrack and backup existing data

This stage involves backing up existing CMS (Content Management) website, exporting data and database remotely and checking data integrity.

Recommendations into Action

After Hosting viability analysis where we survey your current setup, we then make recommendations of changes when appropriate based on your web requirements. At times it's more economical and functional to relocate ISP (Internet Service Providers) or in other words website and email Hosting services.

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